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Upon successful payment, your ticket will be generated instantly and ready for you to download. You'll also receive a copy in your email. If there's a problem during booking, we'll fix it and send your ticket within 10 minutes!

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Amazing service! We had an issue with the original order requiring an unexpected change and they stuck with us and made changes until the ticket was 100% as we needed it! I don't know if this kind of "above and beyond" support is part of BestOnwardTicket's policies or if it's something special they did as a show of good faith and extra customer service, but either way, we appreciate it greatly and can't thank them enough for their fantastic support!

Byron Watts

My experience with Best Onward Ticket was PHENOMENAL! My experience with Best Onward Ticket was phenomenal. Best Onward Ticket went way above and beyond what I expected. They worked with me when I had TWO airplane cancellations and provided exactly what I needed. Thank You!

Dustin Allister

Used them for years with no issues as im a backpacker needing proof of onward travel when i dont have a plan. They even contacted ME if i made an error (i paid for two tickets when i screwed up the first) very promptly. The refund was in Like in 30 minutes. Doing a ticket proof for a visa, i was helped out straight away via email. Love these guys!

Alex Sasha

This is the second time I am using their service and wow it's fantastic. Was checking in Cartagena airport but needed an onward ticket for Mexico. 10 min later i received my ticket and was able to board my flight. Would have been stuck with no guidance. Thank you for providing this service . Will continue to use in future if needed for my one way travels 🙂

Tony Crespo

This is the best onward flight company I have ever used. I made a mistake on one of my onward flights and they were kind enough to refund me the money on a new reservation. They kept in contact with me via email and managed to fix everything for me. I am so happy with this company and would highly recommend them to anyone. I'll definitely will be giving them a positive review on my YouTube channel.

Why Use Us ?

Why Use Us ?

Onward traveling is increasingly popular today, allowing people to choose a destination and embark on their journey without fixed plans, perfect for those with flexible schedules. However, this spontaneity can be challenging since many countries require proof of onward travel upon entry. Previously, bus tickets were enough, but now plane tickets are often necessary.

What if you haven’t decided on your next destination or how long you’ll stay? The simple solution is to purchase an onward ticket from us at For just $12, you can get a legitimate flight ticket valid for 48 hours, perfect for airport check-ins and border controls.

Our tickets are also ideal for visa applications. When submitting visa documents, you need to provide a flight itinerary. If you use a real ticket and your visa is rejected, the ticket becomes useless, wasting your money. Instead, you can submit an onward ticket, also known as a flight reservation, itinerary, travel confirmation, or dummy ticket. Our tickets are verifiable on the airline’s website and show a confirmed validity of 7-14 days. Once your visa is approved, you can either purchase the reserved ticket or cancel it and book one that suits your finalized travel dates.

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